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07/03/2010 Pullin Family of Shirehampton

Posted by Daryl Slater, Darwin, Australia


I am seeking any information on my ancestors from Shirehampton. My great-great-great granfather was Job Pullin, a gardener and his wife was Sarah, nee Lucas. Job and Sarah remained in Shirehampton all their lives. Their children that remained in Shirehampton were all daughters (as all their sons left). They were Elizabeth, who married Thomas George Hall, Ann, who married Edwin Flower and Hester Christian, who married William Edmonds. Job Pullin died in 1879 aged 84, Sarah died 1878, aged 78, Elizabeth Hall died in 1918 aged 80, Ann Flower died in 1911 aged 75 and Hester Christian Edmonds died in 1922 aged 83. All except Hester Christian are buried at St. Mary's in Shirehampton and Hester Christian is buried at Westbury On Trym church. I would be interested if there are any local records or information that may include any of them. I would like to know if there may be any old photos or articles around Shirehampton that may include any of these names. Any information greatly appreciated. [ref: ]

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