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28/09/2009 Polish man in Shirehampton, 1960's

Posted by Helen Allen, Norfolk

Hello, I am trying desperately to trace the life of my grandfather. He was from Poland and on his marriage certificate it shows that on July 10th 1965 he married a lady called Shirley Ann Nash at Shirehampton Baptist Church. At this time he assumed the name Jon Alexander. The address at time of marriage is 2 Station Rd, Shirehampton which I now know is the AMD solicitors office. At the time she was in her late 20's and he in his late 30's ish. Shirley's father's name was Frederick Nash and he worked on the Bristol Railway. I have no idea of what happened to them after this date. They may or may not have remained in the area. They had both been Salvation Army Officers until just before they married. If anybody has even the slightest snippet of information about either of them from before or after the marriage I would be really really grateful to hear from you. Just to know where they are or where they have been laid to rest would be amazing. Thank you all :-) [ref: ]

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