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04/08/2009 Frederick William COOMBS

Posted by Trevor Coombs, Bristol

I am looking for information regarding Frederick William COOMBS, born 1901, Shirehampton (my grandfather). He married Doris Elizabeth Hallen LEWIS in 1925, and was recorded on the marriage certificate as living at The Green, occupation Clerk (at Docks). Moved to Bristol 1926-27 and fathered four sons, one of which died in infancy. The marriage did not last and, at time of their divorce in 1936, Frederick William COOMBS was recorded as having returned to Shirehampton (possibly with a new woman!). After 1936, the trail goes cold. Believed dead before early-1950s. For my family tree (and also my ageing father's peace of mind) I would like to find out what happened to him. Does anyone know? [ref: ]

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