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15/06/2009 Wiltshire

Posted by J M Hobbs, Elmfield Sch Hse, Greystoke ave, W-o-T, BS10 6AY.


Hi, I am researching my family tree on my mother's side, Wiltshire's from Shirehampton, and Trowbridge, Wilts. George Wiltshire was my Grandfather. He had a big family of brothers and sisters. Some of the decendents are possibly still living in Shirehampton, Agnes, Arthur,Alice, Ellen, Emily, Frank, Fred,Kate, Rosina,Samual,William, John Henry, John(PoP). Henry Wiltshire had a Shop in the High Street. His children were Dorothy, Emily, Ethel, Evelyn, Frederick, John, Leslie, Mary. If anyone has any information on the family please get in touch. Regards, John M Hobbs. [ref: ]

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