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30/12/2008 George Deverson. Whereabouts

Posted by David Parker, 64, Ruze Vida Drive, West harbour, Waitakere City, 0614, Aucklan

 0064 09 8322877

G'day Guys, Does anyone remember George Deverson ? a former Director of Avonmouth Engineering Service Ltd., St. Andrews Road, Avonmouth. around 1950 onwards. George also played soccer for Avonmouth St. Andrews AFC late 40s./50s. He took me on as an apprentice draughtsman in 1953 & I transferred to J.D.Wilson & Ptners to complete my 'time' served. He was a very sociable person who was admired by everyone who knew him. I went back to work on contract several times in the 60s for him. However, I've been in New Zealand for 35 years & I've often wondered what happened to him. He had a younger brother Eddie who lived in Shirehampton. If anyone has any updates on George I would be very interested in hearing about him. Please contact me by email. Thanks in advance. Dave Parker. [ref: ]

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