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22/05/2008 Unknown Lascar Seaman

Posted by David Hunt, Severn Beach

 01454 632547

In the late 1950's or early 60's my father and I drove two private hire cars to the funeral of a Lascar Seaman who had died at sea on the Brocklebank ship Matra(1949). Cunard, who were the ship agents, sent a senior member to represent Brocklebanks, and my father and I took the Cunard agents and others to the funeral and then to the cemetery in Shirehampton. The grave is unmarked, and backs on to Priory road. I know roughly where the grave is, but the area around has been levelled and it is difficult to be 100% certain of its actual location. Through the years I have often visited the grave and think of his family back home as I would imagine they have never been able to see or comprehend where their relative is buried. I wonder if anyone knows anything about this situation, It seems a shame that someone loses their life and may be buried, almost anonymously. I would be interested to hear from anyone who maybe was at the funeral, or remembers the situation. Thank you. David (Hunt) [ref: ]

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