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01/04/2008 Convalescent Home near Station Rd

Posted by Diane Hildreth, Brisbane Australia

I am seeking information about a small convalescent home ( probably a house from the 1891 census description ) where the head and matron were CHARLES and MATILDA TYLER situated at 3 Victoria Place. On the same census page are the School cottages on Station Road with one of these properties being at the intersection of Victoria Place and Station Rd. There is a WEDMORE family living in one cottage and a DUCKETT family occupying the other. A Thomas GOODE and family are living at 2 Victoria Place. Does anyone in Shirehampton know anything about these people or the TYLER home? My gt grandmother was living there as a 15 year old girl. She came from the Barton Regis area of Bristol and was only there for awhile maybe 2/3 years before emigrating to New Zealand. I'm not sure if she was sick or working there as she is listed both as an inmate and a domestic servant. I would be grateful of any leads. Many thanks for your site. [ref: ]

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