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30/08/2006 Remount Depot

Posted by Geoffrey A. Pocock (U.K. Historian)

I have noticed brief mentions on your website of the Remount Depot at Shirehampton Avonmouth. I have been researching this Depot and its associated one at Swaythling near Southampton. I have learned that the land used for Remounts at Swaythling, Southampton was offered for sale in 1919 by the War Office. I would like to discover whether the War Office carried out the same policy at Shirehampton and also find the location of the land used. Until the army took over Remounts in the spring of 1915, both depots were run by the Legion of Frontiersmen. The army took over when the Frontiersmen were granted their own named unit (25th Bn Royal Fusiliers (Frontiersmen)). I have a photograph of the Frontiersmen in their picturesque uniforms working with horses at Avonmouth in late 1914. This has been clearly reproduced in my History of One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen, published by Phillimore in 2004. The depot was commanded at first by Legion Captain Arthur Burchardt-Ashton. [ref: ]

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