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12/02/2002 Charles Fredrick Palin

Posted by Alec Roberts, Wrexham - North Wales

 01978 359304

My name is Alec Roberts and I am trying to find information on my Aunty and Uncle who lived in the Shirehampton area. Their names were:- Charles Fredrick Palin (possibly known as Charlie Palin) Pat Palin. Their one time address was:- 201 Mancroft Avenue, Lawrence Weston, Bristol. I believe that Charlie Palin past away in the early 1970's and Pat Palin past away in the late 1970's early 1980's. Information has led me to believe that they were both buried in Shirehampton. I would dearly love to find their final resting place. As our family lost contact over 30 years ago I hope someone in the area may have some information. My Aunty Pat had a sister named Jane and her husband was Fred (surname unknown). If anyone has any information would they be so kind as to contact me. [ref: ]

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