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16/12/2002 Violet Mary James

Posted by Keith R. Williams, Melbourne Australia

I am living in Melbourne, Australia and I recently brought up Shirehampton on my computer, the reason was that my mother was born in Shirehampton and I wanted to find out some information about her birthplace. Looking at your Website I see that it has become quite a community and would appreciate any further information about the town. My mother was born on January 4th 1914 and her name was Violet Mary James and the family home was in Springfield Road either number 3 or 4 situated at opposite Walton Road this is the only information I have.Is there any way that this information could be comfirmed as it would help our family greatly? My mother's father's name was Edward Hathway James, I believe he was a coal merchant but not nescessarily in Shirehampton, her mother's name was Annie James. I hope to hear from you in the future as it would assist us a great deal as I would like to visit your town on my next trip to England. [ref: ]

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