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17/04/2003 Mary Ann Onion

Posted by B Ward

Can any kind Shirehamptonian help with my family research please. Mary Ann Onion is buried in Shirehampton cemetary. She died aged 90 in 1858. In the 1851 census she was detailed as a widow, pauper, licence victualler and appears to be living in an institution in Shirehampton. It is believed she had connections to the Lamplighters, an inn in the Shirehampton area. I see on your website that there is mention of Mr Onion's Lamplighters and hoped there might be more info available on Mary Ann and her family. Any info on her possible address in 1851, her maiden name or family would be great - or any ideas where such records can be searched. Is the Lamplighters still there - is there any history such as the details you have on the George? Thanks [ref: ]

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