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19/08/2003 Kaye Tracie Barry

Posted by Joan Carr, Tennessee, USA

I'm trying to locate my niece who lived at 17 Bradley Crescent, Shirehampton Village, Bristol BX11 9SP Feb. 1996. She married and I have lost touch with her and don't know her married name. She is my deceased brothers only daughter and I really want to find her. I can't find a web site or cannot locate the marriage license bureau so that I can search for her married name. I know that she married around August of 1996 or 1997. Her single name was: Kaye Tracie Barry. Do you have any suggestions that could help me? I would so much appreciate it. She has lived around the Bristol area for most of her life. I just don't know where else to start as I don't have the funds to hire a private detective to help me. Thank You [ref: ]

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