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23/02/2004 Donald Reginald Francis

Posted by Cheryl Francis, Margate, Kent

I am trying to find my husband Lee Clifford Francis's brother. He moved to australia in 1990 and has not spoken since. He misses him tereribly but is not really sure as to how to go about looking for him. I have a previos adress but to no avail his name is Donald Reginald Francis age approx 42 (date of birth is 13 May 1962 ). His last known address was 11 Broad Beech Way, Waikiki, Perth, Western Australia 6169. That was a couple of years back. I am desperate to find him, for my husband, so please if any one who lives in that area has any knowledge of his whereabouts I would be grateful if you could let me know how to either go about looking for him. Please email me with any information possible. [ref: ]

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