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31/05/2005 Frances Shayle George

Posted by Caroline Morris, Auckland New Zealand

I am currently researching my Late mother in law's family and have traced the line back to a Frances Shayle George who was the daughter of John Southwell. She was born in Clifton Circa 1827-9 and she married at Boyton in 1848. She and her husband Thomas Shayle George then emigrated to New Zealand in 1850 with their young son. I have been unable to find any reference to John other than his son George (born 1808) from his first marriage. George was a vicar at Yetminster Dorset I have some sketchy information about John Southwell from family papers that say he was a lawyer and received the Freedom of Bristol at some stage but there the trail goes cold. I would appreciate any information on John Southwell. [ref: ]

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