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31/07/2005 James Arthur George Dudbridge

Posted by Ray Morris, Australia

I was born and raised in Shirehampton, and would dearly love to locate a boyhood friend, one James Arthur George Dudbridge. Jim had a younger brother Robert and an older sister, Margaret. They lived on Park Rd, between the Swimming Baths and the corner of St Bernards Rd. I was friends with Jim from about 1945. My name is Ray Morris and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I served an apprenticeship at the National Smelting Works as a fitter /turner and one of my mates was a Dennis Dowling who I would like to meet again.I am planning a visit in June and July of next year and intend visiting "Shire". If anyone can help I would be most grateful.My website is Many thanks in anticipation. [ref: ]

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