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29/01/2007 ohn and Sarah Manning

Posted by Jack Manning, Flookburgh, Cumbria

My father was born in a maternity home in Bristol in 1906 but was adopted at the age of about 2 years - by a family in Cumbria. Our family, including my father (now deceased) have tried desperately to find any of his family. After my father was adopted in about 1908, our family have not been able to find any trace of his birth family - even after determined research through records.We now hear that his grand parents, John and Sarah Manning are buried at Shirehampton. Is there anyone in that community who would be kind enough to look in the cemetery for their grave or in the parish records if there is no headstone. Is there more than one cemetery in Shirehampton? If someone could just verify that this is the case then we would come down from Cumbria to look at the grave and perhaps concentrate our seaches in that area. [ref: ]

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