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05/02/2007 Douglas and Elvyn Thomas

Posted by Chris Sayer, formerly Ian Thomas, Brackley, Northants

Douglas and Elvyn Thomas moved from the Hounslow area in the 60's to Thornbury near Bristol in the mid 60's. They had 4 daughters who attended the Almondsbury C of E School at that time. I think one Daughter was called Joanne and another was called Julia. They have an Aunt on their Mothers side called Avril Rosser who lives in the Andover area whilst their parents now live in Northamptonshire. I am trying to find the four Daughters of Douglas and Elvyn Thomas and would be very grateful for any help. I am their brother, who was adopted in 1964, my name then was Ian. Elvyn, my Mother has made it very clear that she wished I didn't exist (sorry, not my fault) and I have yet to ever look into the face of someone related to me. The longer shot would be if you stumble across this message and you are my Father (name not mentioned on Birth Certí). A driver who has three sons, I would love to meet you all as well. If you can help a dream come true, please do by contacting me. [ref: ]

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