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24/02/2007 Moses Kilminster

Posted by Helen, Victoria, Australia

My name is Helen & I live in Victoria, Australia. I came across an article someone had written about their visit here, it was very good. It was called "My boomerang did come back". I was "googling" Shirehampton", trying to find info on my G,G,G,G, grandfather Moses Kilminster. He was born in your town in 1774 & married Mary (?). He died in Bristol, 1840. There was an article in your paper that states that Moses owned "The George Inn" in the early 1800's. I am trying to find anything on him & his wife. Also his son George, b, 1835, who married Elizabeth Hillier in 1844. I'm sure I will be distant cousin to some of you!!! Thankyou for your time. [ref: ]

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