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19/10/2007 Harry Boyes

Posted by Stuart Howell, Hempstead, near Gillingham, Kent

Hello, this may be a bit or a long shot but I am attempting to find out any information on my wifes' great grandfather. His name was Harry Boyes and according to his death certificate, he died 16/12/1916 at 115 Richmond road and his occupation was listed as clerk at Shirehampton Remount Camp. I was wondering if anyone out there knew any information about him (which I know is unlikely) or had any information about how he would have ended up down there, as in 1911 he was living with his family in Leeds and they seem to have stayed there. As a clerk was he alone or were there more than one and as a civilian clerk what would his duties have been. As I have already said I am aware that this is a bit of a long shot but would be grateful if anyone out there has any ideas. [ref: ]

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