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May 2019
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Shirehampton Community Plan

A street market for Shirehampton?

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Mad Hatters

The 29th March was “Wear A Hat Day“ raising funds for Brain Tumour Research.

Local Co‐op staff, Paul Wood Butchers, St. Bernards School and fund raiser Daphne Llewellyn

wore their hats with pride whilst collecting donations for a worthy cause www.braintumourresearch.org.

awaiting photo
Daphne Llewellyn
awaiting photo
Local Co‐op
awaiting photo
Paul Wood Butchers
awaiting photo
St Bernards school

Daphne also arranged a ’Mad Hatters Tea Party’ the following afternoon at the Cotswold Community Centre where even more people wore hats whilst buying homemade cakes to accompany their teas or coffees.

awaiting photo
Mad Hatters tea party Cotswold Community Centre
awaiting photo
Mad Hatters tea party Cotswold Community Centre
awaiting photo
Mad Hatters tea party Cotswold Community Centre

“I started fund raising ten years ago when my 14 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour. ’Wear A Hat Day’ is a good way of raising awareness and raising funds towards Brain Tumour Research. We raised between us £831.00, but next year I want to involve more local businesses and schools to smash this year’s great effort.“ said Daphne.

Every two hours someone is diagnosed with a brain tumour in England and less than 20% of patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis. Brain tumours continue to kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancers, but it only attracts 1% of the national spend on cancer patients.

Kathryn Courtney

A farewell for Dr Green.

Shirehampton Health Centre said farewell to Dr Green on the 5th April.

Patients, friends and colleagues had the chance to wish Dr Green all the best for her retirement, and share a cup of tea and cake with her on her final day.

awaiting photo

“I’ve been at Shirehampton Practice for 25 years having qualified as a Doctor 33 years ago.“ said Dr Green. “I am going to miss my colleagues, sharing laughs to get us through the hard times, that has been very important. Getting to know the community, my patients as individuals, their secrets, their troubles and trying to help them through it. I will miss all that. However, I might wander around the Co‐op from time to time hoping to bump into old friends“.

awaiting photo

One thing brought to my attention was Dr Green’s cake baking. Her cakes are legendary. “I think the staff think I should still come in on my birthday to bring them lemon cream sponge which is their favourite.“ said Dr Green, laughing.

awaiting photo

So what does Dr Green plan to do in her retirement? “My husband and I are very lucky, we have a 63 foot narrow boat which is moored on the Gloucester Sharpness canal. We also have a 1 year old dog and have plans to head off to Chester sometime soon. I’ll be singing, learning Italian, improving my German. I also want to teach children to read and help them learn how to go to the Doctor without being frightened. I am keen on photography so will be trying to hone my skills there too.“

Kathryn Courtney

Trails of the river bank

awaiting photo
Can we cast our clouts yet?

Lloyds Bank ‐ a long commitment to Shirehampton

I was intrigued to see a notice in the Shirehampton branch of Lloyds recently announcing ’125 years in Shirehampton’ so the historian in me wished to know more, especially as Lloyds is the last remaining ’High Street Bank’ left in the village.

So with a vast amount of help from the Lloyds archive and fellow local/family historian Ken Edwards, this is what I came up with.

You may remember Lloyds Bank celebrating their 250th anniversary in 2015 when an event was held at the Shirehampton branch which featured in the July edition of ’Shire’. This coincided with the reopening after an attack on the ATM causing much damage and a refurbishment took place. It was in 1765 that John Taylor, Sampson Lloyd and their two sons set up the bank of Taylor and Lloyds. The business ran from one office for 100 years, then the links with the Taylor family ended in 1852. In 1865 the bank took on joint‐stock status and shareholders and was renamed Lloyds Banking Company. Over the next 50 years they expanded rapidly taking over more than 50 competitors.

awaiting photo
Lloyds bank staff

Two of the banks taken over by Lloyds were Wilts & Dorset Banking Co in 1914 (established 1835) and Capital & Counties Bank in 1918 (established 1877). These are the two banks that set up branches in Shirehampton. Let’s begin with Capital & Counties Bank which opened agencies in Shirehampton and Avonmouth in 1892. The 1900s OS map of the village shows the bank situated near the Methodist Chapel. A photograph of the High Street looking west and taken around 1910 can be seen in Shirehampton Story by Ethel Thomas which shows three banks in the same rank of shops. Kelly’s Directories give details of opening times and Managers’names of the Shirehampton branch of Capital & Counties bank. In 1897 it was open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am‐3pm and Edward Weedon Winterbotham was the manager. The head office was at 39Threadneedle St, London E C. By 1902 with J E Mills as manager the branch opened 2‐3.30pm daily except Saturday. By 1914 under manager Charles Herbert Adams the branch opened 10‐11.30am weekdays and 9.‐10.30am Saturdays although the Annual Report for 1914 showed C W Carpenter as manager at Shirehampton. The Bank opened a chief establishment in Clare Street and Baldwin Street with various branches around the suburbs and in the 1914 Annual Report it boasted 24 branches in London and 470 country branches and agencies. However by operating like a 19th century branch well into the 20th century it started to lose its competitive edge so when Lloyds Bank offered to take it over in 1918 the bank recognised the benefits a merger would bring and as a result seven directors of Capital and Counties joined the Lloyds board.

The Wilts & Dorset Banking Co was founded in 1835 in Salisbury with 400 shareholders or ’proprietors’ including farmers, millers, grocers, merchants, solicitors and surgeons. Again the bank expanded by taking over private banks the last of which was R & R Williams & Co in Dorchester with whom the author Thomas Hardy banked. It is not known exactly when a branch was opened in Shirehampton but as mentioned above it was shown in the photograph in Ethel Thomas’s book and the 1911 census shows that the ledger clerk Frederick Barnard was living at the premises. Lloyds Bank took over the Wilts & Dorset in 1914 by which time it had a network of 100 branches from Gloucestershire to Dorset and was Lloyd’s largest takeover to date.

We have lost many banks and retail outlets in the village over the past years so it is important to keep and support what we have left and I personally would say ’thank you’ to Lloyds for ’sticking with us’.

Judy Helme

Police Beat Surgeries

awaiting photo

Our local PCSOs Pat Gardner and Andy Hyde are resuming regular Beat surgeries in our ward. Sugeries will take place at:

Shirehamption Public Hall
Springfield Room
Wednesdays 11.00 ‐ 1200
Avonmouth Community Centre
Reception Area
Wednesdays 1300 ‐ 1400

PCSO Pat Gardener & PCSO Andy Hyde look forward to meeting you

For advice and assistance on policing and community matters

No appointment necessary

Thank you


PCSO 9594 Pat Gardener
Shirehampton & Avonmouth Beat
Bridewell Police Station
One Bridewell Street
Bristol BS1 2AA
101 Ext 35290

Mobile 07889659685

Tynings Field News

It is said to be unlucky to marry in May.

May was a sacred month in the agricultural calendar. May and June the month of blossom in fruit trees attractive to pollinating insects, the major planting and growing months when soil temperature rises. Most plants can be sown direct on the plots between May and June but here in the South West we should sow corn slightly later. The area has come into bloom.

awaiting photo
Meadow honey - Happy bee apiary

The bees are working on Tynings Field fruit orchard’s blossom so soon more honey can be harvested. Csaba Lenti at the Happy Bee apiary at Tynings Field will be busy too, alongside Carl.

We are grateful to people cutting grass now your input is valued. Anyone who can help tidy and clear every so often is welcomed. We are advising our growers to narrow the paths between plots to reduce grass cutting. New flower beds are being added and we need help digging out a new pond.

awaiting photo
Goats milk

Over winter we took in 13 ducks while their owner sold up. They have now gone back to their new home in the levels. The owners keep goats and gave us some goat’s milk. Caroline gave a small amount to the chickens as a tonic. Cows milk is not recommended for poultry of any sort; ducks and geese are intolerant to milk. Goats milk of a raw and unpasteurised sort can be fed to chickens in a limited amount as it clears the gut of disease and is good for humans too. If anyone is interested in keeping a goat here or sheep we have space for 2 and a smallholding number.

awaiting photo

Here at Tynings For Community eveyone has been busy as people have been strimming round and cutting grass; volunteer Andy cuts the orchard while Matt strims. As the weather brightens more members are working their plots and now is the planting window so Caroline cleans the chickens whilst the younger members Judith lock them away after they’ve been free roaming all day.

awaiting photo
Flower beds

Caroline’s digging out new flower beds between plots on wider grass areas. This is a new project concept of planting flowers and herbs on areas between the veg plots, but Tynings Field Orchard has never followed a set traditional allotment set up because it’s a smallholding and more imagination makes us different.

We can still provide some areas for growing and welcome new grower Vicky; she’s busy on the plot with the sage on.

Everyone here is friendly and we like new people it doesn’t matter if you can’t do much, you can manage the raised beds or create small growing areas and bring areas into use. You will need to be able to dig. So we are looking for someone generally to do the raised beds and set up small raised beds ..if this is you please contact us. Would you like a herb bed in here?

On a weekend now we have free range eggs for sale often early from 6am.in the morning and honey. Our hens regularly roam the whole field and get turned out most good days. The geese are a bit aggressive this time of year and prone to violence.

It’s good to see a new generation of members keeping and enjoying the space we fought for 10 years ago. Jim put down his tools and is now sleeping peacefully. His spirit surrounds us. In the peace and quiet Tynings Field moves on through the seasons. The most important one is now.

Why not come down, spend a few hours here and see what you can do.

What’s On at Lawrence Weston Community Farm: May and June

Time table: Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Farm TotsWednesdays 10.30‐11.30am £2.50
Help feed the animals.For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.
Walking GroupWednesdays 2‐3.30pm
Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group.If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.
Gardening Group Fridays 11 ‐12.30pm
Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.
Make a Wooden SpoonSaturday 25th May 10am ‐ 4pm £45
Make a useful utensil from absolute scratch! Starting with a log you will use traditional greenwoodworking tools to; split, axe, shave, carve and whittle yourself a spoon. To find out more and book tickets https://wooden‐spoon.eventbrite.co.uk
Fire by Friction: The Art of the Bow Drill Sunday 26th May 10am ‐ 2pm £30 A great way to learn a basic survival skill. We will learn the basic principles of fire lighting without matches, how to select materials, prepare a tinder bundle and nurture the precious spark into a flame! To find out more and book tickets https://fire-by-friction-bow-drill.eventbrite.co.uk
Herbal First AidSat 29th June 1pm‐ 4pm £30. Come and find out about common plants that are great for first aid and healing. Go on a forage around the farm and create your own healing ointment to take home.

Library Matters:

Dear Friends of Shirehampton Library

Thank you for signing up/expressing an interest in being a friend!

We would like to invite you to the first meeting of our new group on Thursday 18th April at 6pm at Shire Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, BS11 9TU

Looking forward to seeing you all

Please can you let us know if you are able to attend: c/o Shire Public Hall, Station Road, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 9TU

Tel: 0117 982 9963

Kind Regards

Janet & Ash on behalf of Friends of Shirehampton Library

Can You Support Bristol Readers?

Bristol Libraries are looking for people who’d love reading aloud and sharing literature with others. We run 11 very successful shared reading groups in Bristol Libraries and some of them need an extra reader leader to support them.

Remembering A Forgotten Landscape

I’m sure you are aware of A Forgotten Landscape and the fact it is about to come to a close.

awaiting photo
A forgotten landscape website AFL links failed when attempted 29/04/2019, Les.H

We want to ensure that our legacy continues and that the local community can still benefit from some of our investments. It will be live for another five years. AFL links failed when attempted 29/04/2019, Les.H

awaiting photo

One of the projects that we think will retain the most interest is the fifteen new walking routes created in the area. They have each been waymarked on the ground, and many include some of our benches and interpretation points along the way. https://www.aforgottenlandscape.org.uk/things-to-do/ AFL links failed when attempted 29/04/2019, Les.H

awaiting photo
Tales of the vale

There is also Tales of the Vale: Stories from A Forgotten Landscape. A mixture of historical research and fascinating oral history interviews, undertaken by groups of volunteers over two years.

https://www.aforgottenlandscape.org.uk/projects/tales-of-the-vale-stories-from-the-lower-severn-vale-levels/ AFL links failed when attempted 29/04/2019, Les.H

As well as being able to view the walking routes and TOTV publication online, individuals and organisations can still request free copies of both by emailing afl@southglos.gov.uk until the end of 2019 (or we run out of copies, whichever comes sooner!).

There are many other interesting aspects to the site which remain relevant, including ideas for places to visit, beautiful soundscapes and learning resources for primary schoolchildren.

A Street Market for Shire?

Would you use a regular open air/ covered market?

When the Shirehampton Community Plan asked residents an amazing 345 people out of the 476 who answered this question said YES, while a further 92 might be persuaded.

awaiting photo

All over the country local communities are trying to re‐invent their High Streets to make them more interesting and attractive. One way has been to bring in market traders to complement what is already on offer in our established shops.

So last month the Community Plan Steering Group hosted a meeting with our local Shirehampton traders to see what they thought about bringing a regular market to Shirehampton. We recognize that we will need partners among our local traders and businesses to make this happen. Members of the steering group have also been talking with traders at other local markets in Bristol to learn something about how markets work and whether local traders would be interested in coming to Shirehampton.

In our discussion we noted that the market needed to be in the High Street because we want to encourage people to come to Shire and use our local shops. We proposed the space outside the old Alldays shop for the location. We don’t want to compete with other larger markets on Saturdays, but a weekday ‐ Wednesday, Thursday or Friday late morning and lunchtime seemed possible days. We’d start with a monthly market and hopefully it would become more frequent.

The Community Plan Steering Committee is looking into the Council’s legal and licensing requirements and local councillors have offered support in this. We hope to hold the first market in June.

June is not far off! We’ll hold a second planning meeting with traders on

Wednesday 24 April 5.30‐7pm at Shire Public Hall.

This is a Public Meeting so come along and share your views.

News from Nova School

In the last week of term, children and staff at Nova Primary celebrated ’Heroes Day’, raising £615.63 for Guide Dogs. Children learned about the difference guide dogs make for those with visual impairments through a visit by local resident Maureen and her guide dog AJ.

awaiting photo
Welcoming AJ
awaiting photo
Maureen & AJ

Children dressed up as a range of heroes that inspire them, from traditional superheroes to inspirational book characters, parents, medical professionals and key historical figures.

awaiting photo
Headteacher, Anna Morris, with her medical assistant
awaiting photo
Deputy Headteacher, Helen Thorpe, with some KS2 ’Best dressed’ class winners

Children also took part in a bake sale and cake sale with the theme of ’heroes and guide dogs’.

awaiting photo
A sample of the children’s creations inspired by the theme ’Heroes and guide dogs’

News from Nova School

Year 1

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Year 1 children have had a term exploring ’Traditional Tales’.

At the end of term, we celebrated our favourite traditional tales by hosting a traditional tales breakfast with our families and having a dress up day where children came dressed as their favourite story character.

they also designed and created their own giants

Over the term, children developed their writing skills to create their own versions of traditional tales; they also designed and created their own giants for the top of our beanstalk; and designed their own spoon puppets of the characters from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been working on the fantastic Line of Enquiry ’How Science Educates and Entertains us?’

The purpose was to develop Design and Technology skills, as well as applying knowledge of electricity learnt in science, to create some marvellous games for the school community.

awaiting photo

The level of ambition shown by the children was immense and the final games ranged from wire threading games that buzz or light up, to wooden mazes.

The project, researched and planned with real professionalism, was then revealed in a Nova Games Arcade in the school hall. Parents and carers were treated to the finished products, but also the detailed planning process in their books.

Our curriculum has real purpose

Children also presented films, using green screens, to advertise their products. Deputy Head Helen Thorpe commented, “Our curriculum has real purpose‐ this inspires and engages the children to achieve their personal best. We love to share this learning with families as authentic audiences add real value to the learning process.“

St. Mary's News -  May

Hi Folks!

British Summertime has arrived at last and once more we are able to enjoy the light evenings, but I think the Weatherman has got his forecast muddled.

I went out today into the Cotswolds and I experienced bright sunshine, hail and sleet showers, then snow showers which left a layer of snow on the top of the hills near Cheltenham. Crazy weather for this time of the year!

Our Spring Fayre did well and we raised just a whisker over £1,000. So thank you to all who came and supported this event. It is your support that has made this possible!

The Gospel Community Choir held their annual concert in St Mary’s on Saturday, 30th March and the church was absolutely filled to capacity with additional chairs having to be put out to accommodate everybody. A lot of bright faces of all ages and abilities presented a lively evening of song for the best part of two hours for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to seeing them again next year!

During the last two weeks of March this year the church was closed and we had to use The Tithe Barn for the service of Tea, Coffee and Biscuits. This is because we have been having some major work done inside the church building. We have had new toilets installed in the Toilet for the Disabled and the Unisex Toilet, together with new washbasins and hot air hand dryers.

No more shall we be pestered with paper towels blocking up the toilets!

The walls of the Storeroom and Memorial Chapel have been treated for damp and will take several months to completely dry out. The Painters & Decorators will then return to redecorate the affected areas and the Kitchen. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Some advance information: the church will be closed all day on Mayday Bank Holiday which is Monday, 6th May.

The next Confirmation Service in this Deanery is at St Peter’s, Henleaze at 7.30pm Wednesday, 8th May. If anyone is thinking of Confirmation then please approach Revd Helen, who will be able to advise you and supply you with further information.

On the second Sunday of the month there is a service of Evening Prayer held in the Cotswold Centre, Dursley Road. This month it is at 4.45 pm on Sunday, 12th May. Please come and give it a try if you have not been before.

We have our usual activities at St Mary’s this month.

  • Golden Oldies is on Wednesday 1st May from 10.30 am and Messy Church is on Thursday 16th May from 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm.
  • Our Art and Craft groups continue to meet at the church on Tuesdays from 2.00 pm, not forgetting our coffee mornings which are from 10.00 am to midday each day.
  • Totstop and Youth@TheBarn are back to their usual times at the Tithe Barn, following the break during the Easter holidays.

During May we shall be holding our second Wedding this year.

If anyone out there is thinking of being married in church, just consider St Mary’s. It is a beautiful light church with a long centre aisle for the Bride to walk up in all her finery for everyone to admire on what is probably the most memorable day of her life. Helen, our Vicar, will be able to help you together with Eleanor, our Church Administrator, who can be found in the Church Office.

Well, that is all for this month, but I must ask you this. Did you hear of the man who lost his wrist watch? He was going to look for it, but couldn’t find the time.

’Bye for now. C.M.E.

Blaise Museum Flyer

Dear Shire,

awaiting photo
Blaise Museum Flyer

We wanted to contact you about some changes we are making to Blaise museum this year.

We’re developing what we’re calling a ’lab space’ where visitors can come in and tell us the changes they would like to see happen at Blaise in the next couple of years. There will be objects & images to look at, as well as activities that will help us build a clearer picture of what stories people want told at Blaise, and what other changes are needed.

We would like to invite groups up to the museum to give us their views, when the lab space opens in early May. They will be able to have a chat with a member of staff and refreshments will be provided as well. The museum is open on Thursdays ‐Sundays in the week and open Tuesdays‐ Sundays in the school holidays

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo

I thought you might like to see the egg I so eloquently talked about last month, as unfortunately another of Bob’s photos was accidentally put up! (Newspaper) . We had the hatching before the brooding dear reader, but never mind! I’m sure the sight of proud parent and Twins was enjoyed by everyone. There was also a nest with triplets!! So I think it’s safe to say the breeding programme at our own heronry has been very successful!

Other, rather noisier activity has been apparent in Ham Green woods and along our stretch of the Avon. Any guesses? I was talking to a neighbour just the other day, who mentioned the racket echoing along the tide, of woodpeckers plying their trade! It’s been a very obvious increase of their hammering away, and it was great to get someone else’s comment about it.

More great news! Our nest box out on the green at the front of our home, now has tenants! Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow are currently in the process of raising the next generation. We’re just so excited. I was in the right place at the right time (for a change!), and saw the male collecting dry grass from our front garden and taking it straight up to the box. Just minutes ago I spotted him popping his head out and just having a good look around. He seemed satisfied, and disappeared inside again.

As I write this, a starling is enjoying a bath in our water feature. Love to watch this behaviour, and it was sparrows in the car park the other day having a communal dust bath.

Mallards have returned to the river near us, with males pursuing one hapless female more often than not! I’m sure sitting on a nest at the end of all the foreplay must be very relaxing!

It has been so nice to make a difference in the garden now that Spring really has arrived, albeit still on the very chilly side most days. The gardens are looking so full of colour, and lots of different flowers and shrubs filling every available space.

On that note, it’s time I got back outside and finished what I hope is the last patch of weeds that I really don’t want! Happy nature watching all! Bobbie Perkins

Bristol After Stroke

Bristol After Stroke is an independent charity helping people in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and surrounding areas to rebuild their lives.

We provide information, practical support, friendship and counselling in the months and years following a stroke. One way we support people is by offering weekly support groups, and a monthly Stroke Café.

The Portway Stroke Support group is a friendly club supported by volunteers and takes place every Thursday afternoon at the Port of Bristol Social Club in Shirehampton. The group enjoys activities like music, skittles, bingo, games, occasional outings and much more. For its group members it’s a vital part of their week which they see as important for their long‐term recovery from stroke.

Bristol After Stroke could not provide the groups and support that we offer without the help of our fabulous volunteers; however, we always need more people to help us. We are looking for friendly people to volunteer at our group, helping with activities, providing refreshments and befriending. We provide full support, training and an annual celebration and we are specifically looking for help at our Portway Group.

+ Shirehampton Group Practice

awaiting photo
Shirehampton Health Centre

This month, we’re thinking about Exercise

With an increase in both Childhood Obesity and Diabetes as well as improved awareness in the mental health of children, we increasingly recognize the importance of exercise and wellbeing. As a GP practice we feel strongly that prevention of disease and promotion of health self‐care awareness are the initial support and guidance we can give patients, both young and old.

King’s Weston House, only a ten minute walk from Shirehampton High Street offers a FREE, easy to participate in, Children’s Sunday morning run.

Junior Park Run, http://www.parkrun.org/junior/events, is now a well‐established FREE running event for children of all ages. This includes those being pushed in a buggy as well as older children wanting to stretch their legs. From those who want to walk quickly and chat to those who wish to get a personal best, all are welcome, encouraged and supported.

run begins at 10am every Sunday morning

This 2 kilometer run is well marshalled and begins at 10am every Sunday morning with a gentle warm up outside the House itself.

Parents and well behaved dogs on leads can accompany children if they so wish. Volunteers, both adult and children, are always welcome as are those who just wish to stand and support their child/ children.

It is easy to register on line at http://www.parkrun.org and then is free to participate as often or as little as you wish

spend time outdoors on a Sunday morning

The grounds of Kings Weston House are beautiful and free from pollution; an ideal place for all the family to spend time outdoors on a Sunday morning.

There are toilet facilities available and a coffee shop for a healthy juice or a coffee after the run, or why not bring a picnic and spend the day free of charge enjoying the pleasant surroundings of the House.

Adults can also participate in the adult park run held at Ashton Court on Saturday morning, see http://www.parkrun.org

Learning to enjoy exercise early in life can help to reduce the risk of many diseases of adult life and is a great way to help improve Physical and Mental well being.

Dr Manon Younger

You’re Never Too Old For Exercise.

Sarah Bradley is a Chartered Physiotherapist who was running an exercise class for the over 75’s at Shirehampton Health Centre.

Sadly NHS funding for this weekly class stopped at the end of March but the attendees didn’t want it to end and collectively decided to continue at another venue, the local Public Hall.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

“I’m doing an exercise class for older people over 70/75 years. The aim is to improve their mobility, balance ‐ which is very important to guard against falls ‐ and also making it a social group where people can come together and feel comfortable exercising with each other“.

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

“I always explain the exercises. Different people do exercises at different levels. If you have a disability I can adjust the exercises for you. There is a wide spectrum of abilities in the class but they all exercise together in a way that everybody can get the benefit out of it without anybody feeling it’s too difficult for them.”

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

Of course Sarah plans to continue working with the local GP’s and accept referrals from them. “If someone is over 70 years and they have a need to come to class, maybe due to an operation or a stroke or disability they will be made most welcome. There is an enormous amount of camaraderie and friendships made within the class. It’s great fun. If you love activity but hate exercise then this is the class to attend. You’ll still have a great time and the benefits are huge. “said Sarah.

Kathryn Courtney

They wouldn't stop a galloping horse for it.

R. Mum

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Carol & Mike ‐ Diamond Wedding

Dear Editor

Good afternoon. Nice to see Mike and Carol celebrated a diamond wedding. I doubt he remembers me, but I was at school with Mike and have often thought of him over the years. I married in 1966, so have 52 years behind me. We have lived in Severn Beach since then. Myself from the July, and my wife from the September when we wed. Kind regards. David.(Hunt)

 Visiting Shire' Peter Walker

Dear Editor

Hello I am 83 I am arriving in Shirehampton on Tuesday [ 2nd April] until Saturday, I spent all my school days there I have great memories, hope to see many things I lived at 512 Portway from 1939 until I had to leave in 1952,remember going to the festival of Britain with Portway secondary school.

Peter Walker

 Met on a ferry Hilary Sutcliffe

Dear Editor

Some months ago I took the wonderful ferry from Temple Meads to the old tobacco warehouse that now houses the Bristol Archive. ( I was in Bristol for the day from my home in Devon.) A couple got on along the way, going to visit to the SS Great Britain. We got talking and discovered what seemed to me to be an exciting coincidence: the grandfather of the man (of this couple) had lived in the same street in Shirehampton as mine had! My grandfather lived at 20 Bradley Crescent and his at 19 Bradley Crescent. Don’t you think that’s pretty amazing, amazing enough you might think, that I would make a note of this couple’s name and contact info and perhaps even follow it up to find out more. But no, pathetically I didn’t.

awaiting photo
Will John's general shop, 20 Bradley Crescent

Belatedly, through this excellent Shire paper which I thoroughly enjoy each month online, I am seeking anyone who might just have memories of the little general shop that Will John ran at 20 Bradley Crescent from 1930 until 1945. It’s a bit late, I know, but you never can tell. I include a photo of the shop with Marjorie John and her friend Joyce Pollard outside C.1930.

Yours faithfully

Hilary Sutcliffe


 Old photos new memories Barbara Monteath (née Kelle)


I was just going through my old photos as I was creating a book for my mum’s 90th birthday this year. I came across one of my old school photos from way back in the mid or late 1960’s from Shire Junior School. I have all the names of the people in my class on the back of the envelope and wondered if any of these old school friends were still alive and even still living in Shirehampton!

awaiting photo
Shirehampton Junior School 1968
awaiting photo
My school friends

Maybe some of your readers may recognise themselves or a relative.

My sister and I still visit Bristol when we can from Australia to see family. I have fond memories of growing up in Shirehampton.

Kind regards

Barbara Monteath (née Kelle)

 Wild flower child… Mary Ford

Am I the only person in Shirehampton who likes to sit in their garden enjoying a glass of wine and smelling the flowers?

I have noticed that since I have moved to Shirehampton come dry sunny days the arsonists come out at night and light garden bonfires.

Not only is the smell awful, it affects peoples’ breathing and the smoke permeates the whole house should one have the windows open.

We live constantly with the pollution of traffic fumes coupled with garden waste fumes. It is not a very good combination.

I just want to sit in my garden with the windows open and enjoy it.

Mary Ford

Twyford House Cricket Club

Ladies ‐ do you fancy a game of cricket?

2019 promises to be an exciting year for cricket lovers.

The World Cup is being hosted in England starting in May and in August the Ashes series begins between England and Australia.

Closer to home, Twyford House Cricket Club based at Shirehampton Recreation Ground, Penpole Lane, is gearing up for a very busy summer. Running four adult sides on a Saturday and youth sides for boys and girls from All Stars (5 ‐ 8 years), under 9s, 11s, 13s, 15s, 17s and 19s there is always much cricket to enjoy.

New players of all abilities are always warmly welcome.

In 2019 as part of our Club Development Plan we are launching cricket for the ladies.

If you would like to take part, have some fun in the summer sun and learn some new skills, we are hosting cricket taster sessions on a Friday evening starting Friday May 17th from 7pm ‐ 8pm. These sessions are free to join and the club will provide all the required equipment.

If you are interested in taking part, please come along on a Friday evening or email twyfordhousecricketclub@gmail.com. for more information.

Bristol Manor Farm under 12’s

BMF Under 12 football team this season have won the Avon Youth league under 12 Division Three Title.

They scored a record 160 goals and the Goalkeeper Josh Cowley only let in 15 goals.

awaiting photo
Front Row reading left to right are :‐ Sid Scammell, Leon O’flaherty, Regan Trump, Josh Cowley G/keeper, Harrison Wootten, Lewis Coverdale, Ashton Parker.
Rear Row:‐ Max Mcgarry, Jayden Alatise,Lucas Packham, Raheim Henry, LeytonThompson‐Grekavicz, Keiron Thomas.

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club

awaiting photo
awaiting photo

The 2019 season is now underway and will soon be in full swing, with mixed friendly games on Wednesdays and at week‐ends, Club League on Mondays, Bristol and District Ladies and Gents League games and club competitions.

The ladies will once again play in the Inter Club and Top Club Competitions.

Individual players from the club will be involved in competitions ‐‐‐ Ken Davies will play Chris Blake in the Men’s Champion of Champions and Julie Looker has Lindsay Collin as her opponent in the ladies equivalent competition. David Hinksman and Trevor Scanlon will be the clubs representatives in the City and County Men’s Pairs.

The club has welcomed new bowlers Christine and Martin Webb, Mike Thomas, Gill Gibson and Mary Lomas and been pleased to see Returning bowlerse Ray Brocklesby and Steve Tilly. We hope that ’Try Bowling’ sessions starting in May will bring further additions to the club numbers.

On Tuesday evenings at 6pm from May 7th there is the opportunity ‐‐‐ free of charge or obligation, to come to the green in Nibley Road and roll woods on the green. There will be experienced bowlers on hand to offer help and advice. All equipment is provided.

free club shirt and free coaching

If you think that bowling is for you, a free club shirt and free coaching is all yours once you have joined.

A commonly asked question is ‐‐‐‐ how often can I or do I bowl?

The answer is ‐‐‐ once you have joined you will have a key to give you access to the green, and this means that you can bowl at any time when there is not a match in progress. You can play games as little or as often as you wish. Put your name on the availability sheet for all friendly games ‐‐‐ competition games are selected teams.

A big event in any season is the Summer Tour and this year’s destination is Sidmouth toward the end of May. Staying at the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel ‐‐‐ the beach is just across the road, great for those who enjoy that early morning dip. There will be bowling each day of the tour. Starting at Sidmouth on arrival, the tour will play at Madeira( Exmouth), Budleigh Salterton, Ottery St.Mary and Seaton. On the way home there will be a game at Culm Valley ( Cullompton). All that is required now fine weather.

Ladies cleaning day…

There has been a lot of work done on and around the green during the Winter and Spring. The pavilion floor underwent major repair and a replacement of the lino covering. The changing rooms ‐‐‐ not in good repair ‐‐‐ had the front replaced and painted, together with new architrave around the door. Jet Washing, lots of painting, trimming of foliage and remedial work on chairs. Ladies cleaning day on April 8th saw lots of soap and water and effort, provided by a good number of ladies who came along to make the place sparkle ‐‐‐ all very important to being ready for the season’s first game on April 14th. All work, with the exception of laying the new lino was done by club volunteers.

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