Meet The Creators


"Shire on the Web" began in early 1999 after an idea by David Thomas. An advertisment was placed in the local community newspaper asking for volunteers to help set up a community web-site for the past and present residents of Shirehampton.

The first meeting was held on 4th February. David, Alex, Liz, and Chris created the original "Shire on the Web", but the team now includes new members who are also listed.

David Thomas

David Thomas has lived in Shirehampton for 26 years. He is involved in a number of community activities, including the Public Hall Association, Shire newspaper, and Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF).

Alex Wright

Alex has lived in Shirehampton for 15 years. He attended Portway Community School. He was involved with the school's Saturday Club and summer schemes for 9 years. He currently works in IT.

The following have also contributed at earlier times

Arjuna Krishna-Das

Arjuna moved from Liverpool to Shirehampton in September 2000 to work for STMicroelectronics as a web and technical author, having previously worked in an industrial safety and environment consultancy.  He is an enthusiastic Hare Krishna devotee with a wife and two children, and enjoys swimmimg, yoga, reading and web-weaving.

Jackie Annett

Jackie moved to Bristol just over three years ago from Lancashire. Her husband is from Bristol and they both have family here. Jackie works for Bristol Community Education, teaching basic word processing skills to adults. She enjoys her work because of the students, particularly the older ones, who always have such interesting stories to tell and usually have a wry sense of humour. In fact, she was introduced to SHIRE community newspaper by two of her students.

Liz Napier

After living in various parts of the country, from London to the far north of Scotland, including North Wales, Liz has settled in Shirehampton and is enjoying doing up one of the older properties in the village and making it home. A fully qualified financial adviser, she works for a company in Clifton during the week and also freelances as Religious Affairs Editor for Classic Gold Radio at weekends.

Chris Napier

Having lived in Bristol since 1966, educated at Portway School and moved back to Shire 4 years ago, I have spent more time in Bristol than my native London. I am a qualified electrician and have spent about 10 years as a Radio Presenter in Bristol and am now a Media Technician at UWE and experienced web user. I have been involved with Shire on the web since the start, and I think the web is a great chance to tell the world about Shire