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March 2019
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Community Grants ‐ 2019

Applications are once again invited from local organisations for a grant.

** Deadline 29th March **

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Peter Pan at the Public Hall - Grainger Players

The Grainger Players would like to thank everyone who came and supported us with our pantomime Peter Pan in February.

We had 2 full houses both nights and considering the weather wasn’t too good, we had a fantastic turn out.

awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #35
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #89
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb20191 #03
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #106
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #108
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb20191 #09
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #31
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #88
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #49
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #51
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #59
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #64
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #76
awaiting photo
Peter Pan 8thFeb2019 #81
The evenings were full of fun, laughter and was enjoyed by everyone.

Our charity this year was for Shirehampton Christmas Illuminations who do a fantastic job in lighting up our village every December.

The amount we raised was £174.40.

Once again thank you so much for everyone who turned up to support us it is much appreciated.

Window Wanderland

Christmas feels so long ago and yet winter has not yet left us.

Shirehampton looked so bright and cheery with the Christmas lights in the High Street and around our neighbourhoods; colourful lights festooning windows, gardens and houses. How sad that tradition dictates we should pack away all light and colour in January. Even in October, many of us went to town with creatively carved pumpkins and other Halloween decorations. Wouldn? it be great if we had an opportunity to enjoy wandering about Shirehampton, enjoying lights, colour and creative decor in February or March? Indeed, a woman in Bishopston thought this would be a good idea and Window Wanderland was born in 2015; each year more areas around Bristol and the world, are joining in. Will Shirehampton be next?

strengthening community spirit…

Feelings of isolation, while living with a chronic illness, led to Lucy Reeves Khan’s Window Wanderland idea. She took evening walks to help her mobility and noticed she was able to forget some of her pain when looking at the light coming from people’s windows. The Window Wanderland website (www.windowwanderland.com) describes the event as “a chance to see your neighbourhood in a new light by setting up fun, local, all‐people‐friendly, window‐display‐based walking trails during the darkest depths of winter.” A Window Wanderland event was included in the Shirehampton Community Plan as an idea for strengthening community spirit.

lifting people’s spirits!…

“Wanderful” creations are showcased on the website’s gallery including underwater scenes, outerspace, acrobats and even a silhouette of someone reading a book while using the facilities! Anything goes: displays could be as simple as a photograph, a candle or a string of fairy lights. Inspired by my next‐door neighbours’ enthusiasm for the event I decided to have a go at an unofficial Window Wanderland in Passage Leaze.

awaiting photo
Passage Leaze
awaiting photo

Keeping things local, I popped up to the Discount Store on Shirehampton High Street and bought a few craft items: fabric, animal templates and coloured pens. I positioned my creation in our windows overlooking the street and felt reassured when I remembered that the event is not competitive but is just about lifting people’s spirits!

Perhaps as a community, if others in Shirehampton are interested in decorating windows, we can start by sharing locations of our decorated windows via the Nextdoor app and/or a Facebook group, during March this year.

If the idea takes off for next year, perhaps we can have printed maps, sponsored by local businesses, to ensure the event is accessible to all.

Local art organisation, Tandem Arts, have also indicated they could possibly run a workshop to offer inspiration.

What will you put in your window to create a Window Wanderland?

How about chatting to your neighbours and creating a magical outdoor gallery in your street?

Window Wanderland in Sea Mills.

The phone box was lit up as part of ’Sea Mills 100’ which is the celebration of 100 years of the estate.

On Sat 8th and Sun 9th June we will be having a heritage trail around the estate, where local people who are currently in the process of researching the history of their homes, will put up information outside them about what they have found. The phone box will also open that weekend as a mini‐museum of Sea Mills and will be open for at least a year.

We are looking for peoples memories of the area and volunteers for the project. We are in particular need of a carpenter at the moment. People can find out more at www.seamills100.co.uk or email me at info@seamills100.co.uk or by asking in the Cafe on the Square or Sea Mills Library.

awaiting photo
Sea Mills Phone box

Dr Susan Green Retires

After 25 years as one the Shirehampton Group Practice GPs, I am hanging up my stethoscope on 5th April. I have loved being part of this community, getting to know so many people and playing a small part in your lives. It is lovely when I see someone I have known since childhood bring their own children to the surgery. I am often heartened by the amazing way in which family members support each other in times of illness; even more so when people go out of their way to care for neighbours or individuals who have no‐one else to look after them.

awaiting photo
Dr Susan Green
awaiting photo
awaiting photo

As Drs Archer, Hine, Addison and I are all quite close in age, I know some patients have a sense of loss as a consequence of us all retiring over quite a short period but, at a time when general practice is under immense pressure with many practices struggling to recruit, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful team of GPs and nurses to look after you and your families now and in the future. We are supported by a dedicated and extremely hard‐working team. Please look after them all.

If anyone would like to say goodbye on my last day, you would be very welcome to come and have tea and cake in the health education room next to the health centre waiting room between 12pm and 1pm on Friday 5th April.

With thanks and best wishes

Dr Susan Green

Tynings Field Community Group

It’s March and daffodils are blooming.

Have you ever thought you could live off grid a little? During summer if you grow your own veg you will save a lot of money. Consumerism bites the dust!

Do you like the idea of warm sunny days in a field, working on the land, the sound of birdsong and buzzing bees or even keeping poultry but don’t have space? Are you in a flat, have no garden or simply looking for a bigger space? Here we have local produce ‐ honey, eggs and fruit from an orchard.

Welcome to Tynings Field.

We are not council run allotments, we are a community smallholding independently run which means we do not offer the standard plots. We do plots to suit individuals, well worked and can be enlarged to suit. Our land is used for beekeeping, poultry, vegetables and an orchard. Members pay £15, that’s with your fruit share and we share the surplus. You can just garden and grow flowers and herbs, develop wildflower areas in the orchard or grow edible vegetables. It’s your choice how many hours you do, if you simply want to come here and tidy up the plots for the day, plant bulbs and wildflowers or just pick blackberries that’s also fine. There are some days in spring and summer when a picnic is called for along with some scatter seeds. We have grown corncockle here, it’s an old plant that is near extinct. We have also grown calendula found in northern Morocco.

Tynings Field is a field, there are no concrete paths, during winter the geese graze the whole field and in summer roaming chickens will help you dig over the ground. We grow organically, with no chemicals, because we prefer to have a few weeds to feed the chickens. We can offer some greenhouse space for planting seeds and young plants. We are a group and you will meet other people in the course of the day but we also respect individual space and there’s no allotment politics.

Volunteer for general gardening once a month, poultry on a weekly basis, hours to suit. If you work with us regularly we cannot hide the fact you will be a highly valued member of our team and if you need references for a job in the future we can provide one.

Tynings Field was a space saved from the green space sell off. It has since won "The one to watch" Green Capital award and the “Best corporate day” Green Volunteer award. If you are a business or company wanting a day out of the office for team building and fundraising then look no further.

Get in touch with Caroline Penny 07885699701 or find us on Facebook.

awaiting photo
Snow place to be in the winter…

Tynings Field alarm clock

Henry our cockrel died of old age at 7 yrs old.

He was a Wellsummer X game breed and fathered a few eggs which became hens. For the last 6 years he lived in the field and kept the hens busy and attacked people’s feet. We apologize for the local alarm being silenced in this way and welcome our new cockerel Zorrow who will continue to provide the service. We would also thank members of the community who are helping with poultry care and leaving bread on the gate for the birds.

awaiting photo
Henry, me old cocker.

Become an Instructor of Tai Chi Shibashi?

Would you like to join a free class to become an instructor of Tai Chi Shibashi?

Are you interested in learning this basic sequence of Shibashi Tai Chi, take it into your community and then teach it to others, particularly older people?

awaiting photo
Tai Chi Shibashi

What it is “Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi”‐ it is designed to help to improve mental health and physical wellbeing. Qigong means ’energy exercise’ and Shibashi means 18 movements. This form of exercise is found to improve health and wellbeing and is a discipline that involves the mind, breathing and movement to create a calm, natural balance of energy. It helps people in many ways and for older people is known to reduce the risk of falls. The programme can provide both standing and seated versions of Tai Chi.

Age UK Bristol is offering this opportunity through the lsquo;Friends Ageing Better’ Project, an initiative to provide older people with opportunities to get out and about and maintain contact with friends and neighbours. The training involves six 2 hour session over 6 weeks, plus a one day workshop and a written assignment. The training starts Tuesday March 5th (4.30‐6.30pm) 2019 at a Bristol Central venue, and South Bristol Venue.

To find out more please contact fab@ageukbristol.org.uk, Age UK Bristol, Friends Ageing Better (FAB)

Clare Mitchell‐0117 929 75 37(Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), email: claremitchell@ageukbristol.org.uk

To find out more about FAB ‐ Listen to The ’Babbers’ show, live every Monday at midday on Ujima Radio 98FM. New ideas from older people. At Age UK Bristol we help make sure that everyone in Bristol can love later life. We do this by supporting and empowering older people, helping other organisations to work together, and championing the interests of older people in the city.

Or join us at the “Catch Up Cafe”‐ Lawrence Weston Tuesday 26th March 10:00am ‐ For a cup of tea (and a slice of cake!) and chat about what is going on in Lawrence Weston, FAB and AgeUK Bristol. This is a FREE event and all are warmly welcomed! Phone:0117 9297537, Email: fab@ageukbristol.org.uk

Keep up to date with Age UK Bristol news, events, and services by signing up for our Supporters’ Newsletter.

www.ageukbristol.org.uk is a company limited by guarantee. Registered no 2984207. Registered Charity no. 1042548

Friends of Shirehampton Library

We need more residents involved to make this work!

It’s the perfect time for us to agree what we want for our library. The Council is holding their Library Conversations in March so they can listen to our ideas. We will have a better chance of our ideas being heard if we become a ‘Friends of Shire Library’ group. We already have a germ of an idea to make Shire library fit for all of us to use, help us to make sure it is the right one.

Library Consultation at Shirehampton Public Hall ‐ Mon 11 March and Wed 13 March

What we’re doing ‐ We want to make the library service more relevant to the neighbourhood and local people. So we’re asking you for ideas on ways we can use the libraries in your local area. We’re keeping libraries open while we work with you to find solutions for the library service so it meets the needs of each local area.

We want to:

  • build on the feedback and ideas from previous meetings and consultations
  • talk to communities and organisations about changes that support local people and neighbourhoods
  • look at who can help make your ideas happen

We’ll hold events in six areas of Bristol so that we can talk with local residents and organisations about the libraries in your area. A meeting has been arranged in Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Road, Bristol BS11 9TX. To discuss the libraries of Henbury, Shirehampton, Avonmouth and Sea Mills on Monday 11 March 7pm to 9pm and Wednesday 13 March 10am to 12pm

To book your place at one of the events, go to www.bristol.gov.uk/book‐onto‐an‐event‐about‐the‐library‐service

Two Free Creative Writing Workshops

In March, at Shirehampton Library, as part of the arts project ‐Track Record: A Celebration of The Severn Beach Line in music and poetry, the poet, Elizabeth Parker, is running two free writing workshops. This is an arts project that celebrates the journeys on the Severn Beach Line through music, poetry and community writing workshops. An opportunity to write about journeys of all kinds and to share stories of the Severn Beach Line.

awaiting photo
Elizabeth Parker

Poetry group “The Spoke” (of which she is a member) will be collaborating with the band Eyebrow to create an album of music and poetry that celebrates each stop on the line. The album will be played on the train as a silent disco on the day of the Severn Beach Festival, with a live performance of the album at the festival.

No writing experience necessary, limited places available, refreshments provided.

Saturday 9th March ‐ Shirehampton Library, 12am‐2pm (all welcome) Saturday 30th March ‐ Shirehampton Library, 12am‐2pm (all welcome)

For further information and to book your place contact Elizabeth Parker ‐ lizzieitaly@hotmail.co.uk

Elizabeth Parker debut poetry collection In Her Shambles is available at www.serenbooks.com/productdisplay/her‐shambles, Website:www.elizabethparkerpoetry.com,

See her read her work: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZEkaXhzb9o

This Project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Lottery Funding, A Forgotten Landscape and Severnside Community Rail Partnership

Your Opportunity to buy fabric in Shirehampton

Shire Stitchers, the local patchwork and quilting group, are hosting a fabric sale in the Public Hall, Station Rd on March 6th between 5pm and 7:30pm. Doughtys, a large fabric retailer from Hereford , is bringing a big range of cotton fabrics that will fill the hall , allowing local people access to buy on their doorstep.

There is a small entrance charge of 50p with the opportunity to have a cuppa and a chat.

Lawrence Weston Community Farm Events for March

  • Farm Tots ‐ Wednesdays 10.30‐11.30am ?2.50

    Help feed the animals. For under 5s and their carers. Drop in most Wednesdays. Please check Facebook for any changes.

  • Walking Group ‐ Wednesdays 2‐3.30pm‐

    Improve your health and meet new people by joining our free, friendly, weekly walking group. If coming for the first time, please arrive at 1.45 to sign up.

  • Gardening Group ‐ Fridays 11 ‐12.30pm

    Interested in getting involved in gardening on the farm? Come along Fridays to help with our gardens. Call Ian 0117 9381128 for more details.

  • Make a Wool Fleece Walking Rug ‐ Friday 15th March 10am‐2pm ?30

    Learn the peg and loom method of using raw fleece to make a rug. Learn how to card and prepare fleece and weave on a peg loom. Tickets https://wool‐fleece-rug.eventbrite.co.uk

  • Running a Small Holding PT 1 ‐ Saturday 23rd March 10am‐1pm ?40 (for both parts)

    Led by Juley Howard who has run a successful small holding for 15 years. We will look at general issues around running a smallholding. Tickets https://bit.ly/2BW1vZh

  • Spring Tonics and Superfoods ‐ Sunday 24th March 1pm ‐ 4pm ?30 ‐

    A walk around the farm collecting common plants, discussing uses of the plants. Wild tea tasting and prepare a herb vinegar. A tasty wild plant snack to try. Tickets https://spring-tonics-and-superfoods.eventbrite.co.uk

  • Catch Up Cafe, FAB Cafe ‐ Tuesday 26th March 10:00am

    We are very excited to open up another “Catch Up Cafe” in Lawrence Weston! Friends Ageing Better (FAB) is a community of older people who share what is happening in the city while building relationships with like‐minded people who live locally. Join us for a cup of tea (and a slice of cake!) and chat about what is going on in Lawrence Weston. This is a FREE event and all warmly welcomed! Phone:0117 9297537, Email: fab@ageukbristol.org.uk

Chinese New Year at Shire Primary

awaiting photo
Shirehampton Primary’s Dragon

On February 5th, Shirehampton Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year. The day included learning how to write in Chinese, sending good luck messages to other children, and using an ancient form of Chinese multiplication in Maths. The highlight of the day was the whole school taking part in the challenge of making a large Chinese dragon to parade in front of the rest of the school.

Our under 3s and Nursery started the colourful parade, with Year 6 bringing it to an end. The show was thoroughly enjoyed by both the children and the staff. Everyone’s creativity, hard work and dedication paid off as music and laughter rang around the playground. Well done to Bangkok and Paris classes, who won the prize for the best dragon, winning a model of a lucky Chinese cat for their classroom.

St. Mary's News -  March

Hi Folks!

I thought we were going to get away this Winter without snow, but I was foiled as we had our first share this time at the end of January and beginning of February. Fortunately, it did not cause too much disruption here compared with other parts of the country, so we must count ourselves lucky. I remember many years ago a young nurse who worked with my wife. She came from Cornwall and said she had never seen snow ‐ if she still lives in Cornwall she will certainly have had her fair share of snow this year!

Back in January our Social & Catering Committee organised a Burns Evening and it was a great success. The haggis was piped in by a kilted Piper (alias Ian Wylie), with the usual rhetoric, much to the amusement of us all. It was a superb 3 course meal and thanks must go to the Committee for arranging such an entertaining evening.

Bristol West Big Band & Concert Band

Another very successful evening was a performance by the Bristol West Big Band & Concert Band. There were more people this year than before and a full evening of entertainment was enjoyed. The acoustics in St Mary’s are brilliant.

Trinity College Students

On Sunday, 3rd February we had another of our Cafe Services. It was led by our Trinity College Students ‐ Aidan, Cathy and Luke, who are doing some of their training in our church. It was a very laid back and easy‐to‐understand Service, for which they are to be congratulated. The croissants and hot drinks were also appreciated and thanks must go to all those who helped prepare the tables and refreshments.

Looking forward,

  • Pancake Party ‐ Saturday 2nd March

    On Saturday 2nd March during Coffee Time (10.00 am until 12.00 noon) we will be holding a Pancake Party during which time there will be a Pancake Tossing Competition for both children and adults. Be sure you look in and join in the fun!

    The following Tuesday is the proper Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) that precedes Ash Wednesday (6th March), which is the beginning of Lent.

  • Lent Courses ‐ 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start and will be held on Wednesdays

    Our Lent Courses begin at 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start and will be held on Wednesdays at the following churches:

    • Wednesday, 13th March ‐ St Mary’s Shirehampton;
    • Wednesday, 20th March ‐ St Andrew’s Avonmouth;
    • Wednesday, 27th March ‐ St Mary’s Stoke Bishop;
    • Wednesday, 3rd April ‐ St Peter’s Lawrence Weston and finally on
    • Wednesday, 10th April ‐ St Edyth’s Sea Mills.
  • The Golden Oldies ‐ Wednesday 6th March at 10.30 am

    That Wednesday 6th March at 10.30 am is also the monthly session with The Golden Oldies when you can sing your heart out to songs of the past.

    This year our 7.30 pm Ash Wednesday service will be a joint service at St Mary’s, Stoke Bishop which is part of our Avonside Mission Area. All are welcome.

  • Spring Fair ‐Saturday, 16th March

    Saturday, 16th March sees the return of our Spring Fair when you can enjoy all the fun of the Fair with Games, Cake Stall, Crafts, Mothering Sunday Gifts and lots more! Your continued support is much needed ‐ it is you that will make it a success!

  • Messy Church ‐ Thursday 21st March 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm

    Messy Church this month is on Thursday 21st March 3.30 pm until 5.00 pm. All youngsters are welcome!

  • Annual Parochial Church Meeting ‐ Sunday, 24th March

    After our 10.00 am Service on Sunday, 24th March we will be holding our Annual Parochial Church Meeting when a review of the church over the past 12 months takes place and an election of persons to sit on the Parochial Church Council for the forthcoming 12 months. It is then that you have the opportunity to vote for the persons of your choice to be PCC members. You have to be on our Electoral Roll in order to vote and if you are on the Electoral Roll of another church, you may only vote in ONE PARISH ‐ not both!

  • Gospel Choir Concert ‐ 7.30pm on Saturday, 30th March

    At 7.30pm on Saturday, 30th March there will be Gospel Choir Concert in St Mary’s Church. If this appeals to you, then you can can obtain a ticket on the door for the price of £3.00 per adult.

Well, that’s it for March.

Bye for now. C.M.E.

Nature Notes…

awaiting photo
Afrikaans: krimpvarkie, Bengali: kata chua (spikey mouse), Chinese: ci-wei (needle animal)

Still a relatively quiet time action wise, but there’s plenty of birdsong to be heard along the riverbank.

The out and out winner has to be a thrush, which is resident in Myrtle allotments. Its piercingly clear singing is matchless at the moment, and it brings a smile to my face each morning as I creep by so as not to disturb him!

The herons have now started laying eggs. How do I know? Our intrepid Shire photographer, Bob Pitchford, has captured some super images, which I will share in the future.

The gold finches have continued to visit in all winds and weathers. Such plucky little creatures! We have had to bring their feeder in on some nights when it’s been really windy or stormy, and then I’ve panicked the next morning after realising we are very late in replacing it! I just hate them arriving to find nothing there!

I can hear a woodpecker across the river at Ham Green woods most days, and the robins are quite vocal now establishing their territories, there’s plenty to hear.

Spring is almost upon us, and I can hardly wait for all that comes with it, so let’s enjoy it when it comes!

Happy nature watching, Bobbie Perkins.

Spring ’as sprung, the grass is riz,
I wunders where the birdies is.

R. Mum

Letters to the Editor

Have your say eMail ‐‐>    editor@shire.org.uk

 Gladys Morgan   ‐ Gerry Cooper

Dear Editor

I have just read the December edition of Shire on‐line and was saddened to read of the death of my cousin, Gladys Morgan. I moved from Shirehampton to Cornwall 11 years ago now, and always bumped into Gladys when I came back to visit family and we always had a good “catch‐up”.

Please pass on my condolences to her family.

Gerry Cooper

 Re: “Do You Remember Jean Simpson?”   ‐ Tom Hillman

Dear Editor

The letter in the October edition of ‘Shire’ Do You Remember Jean Simpson?” Due to unforseen medical conditions Jean was unable to come to the UK, from South Africa, for Christmas.

The information passed to me about this was too late to go in earlier editions.

All the information I’ve received about her friends has been passed on to her.


Tom Hillman

Thank you for your kind donation. Ed

Shirley Anne Palmer (nee Steven) ‐ 5th June 1936 ‐ 18th December 2018

awaiting photo
Shirley Palmer

Shirley was born on 5th June 1936, the fourth child of five to Andrew and Anne Louisa Steven ‐ all born and raised in St Bernard’s Road, Shirehampton. She attended Shirehampton Junior school and later Portway School.

She left school and got a job working in the post-room for the BBC in Bristol. She loved working at the BBC and was there for 11 years.

She married Douglas John Palmer on the 5th September 1959 at Shirehampton Church. They lived in the old prefabs in St Mary’s Road before moving down to the Portway.

Shirley was an Avon rep for over 52 years, and won numerous achievement awards with them.

Shirley played skittles for the Beginners based out of Shirehampton Working Men’s club

Shirley was a very accomplished self-taught seamstress. She skilfully made many wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses through the years, as well as thousands of alterations for Mathias and Sons, friends, family and most of the village. Her reputation for detail was well known. I expect most people in the village have worn something either made or altered by Shirley.

Someone once said don’t measure the success of your life, by your wealth and status, measure it by the warmth, compassion, loyalty and support you have shown to others.

Shirley Anne Palmer, Shire girl born and raised, devotedau daughter, sister, auntie, loyal friend, proud, proud Nan, and to us our lovely Mum.

Nicola and Robert Palmer

Rob Beechgood (Nobby) ‐ 24 June 1949-6 January 2019

awaiting photo
Rob (Nobby) Beechgood

On Monday the 4th February we said goodbye to a lovely, funny and truly amazing man, Rob. Husband to Sue, father to Paul and Richard, father-in-law to Nicola and granddad to Pieter, Libby, Izzy, Tally and Ruby.

A special thank you to all family, friends and neighbours for their cards, phone calls, flowers and support given to me and my family.

I would also like to say thank you to Tracey ad Michael at Stenner and Hill for helping with the funeral arrangements, Richard Evans for a lovely service, Maria Reeves for the tribute flowers and Tess Good for the food at the PBA.

A huge thankyou to Lawrence Weston Social Club football team, family and friends for their kind donations. We are overwhelmed with the donations raised for Cancer Research in memory of Rob Beechgood.

Sue Beechgood and Family

Len Lewis ‐ 2nd of February

awaiting photo
Len Lewis

The Lewis family are sad to announce the passing of Len Lewis, known to his friends and his co workers at the docks as Ginger. Len passed away peacefully on the 2nd of February.

Len was well known in Shirehampton and will be remembered for his love of sport and a game of cribbage, he also enjoyed a pub lunch and a pint at his local pub. He will be sadly missed by all of his friends and family!

Who we are and What we do at Shire?

is a small not‐for‐profit volunteer community organization.

We produce a monthly community newspaper which we distribute free to every household in Shirehampton.

We also run a website, Shire on the Web, which reproduces the monthly printed paper with some additional material which didn’t make it into print.

All of our committee members, editors and distributors are volunteers.

No one is paid anything.

We cover our costs through advertising and distribute any monies remaining after costs as grants to local community organizations

The purpose of the organization, as described in our constitution, is:

to produce, publish and distribute throughout Shirehampton and elsewhere as appropriate a community publication and other occasional similar literature.

We aim to:

  • provide an information channel and a means of communication for the whole community
  • report and raise awareness of local issues; our content is specific to Shirehampton
  • provide a means of contact with village life for people who now live elsewhere
  • have a healthy balance of editorial content and advertising
  • celebrate the achievements of local organizations
  • support local organizations through annual giving of community grants
  • distribute the paper to every household in the village

Three key policies determine the editorial content of the publication:

  • The publication is non‐denominational ‐ the activities of faith groups within the village are an important part of our editorial content and our constitution states that the churches and their activities should be afforded space in every publication. (We do not discriminate, or favour in particular, the activities of any one group or denomination).
  • The publication is non‐party political ‐ news about political issues affecting our community is an important and valued part of our content, but the publication must not be a vehicle for party‐political propaganda or campaigning.
  • Articles are relevant to Shirehampton ‐ all editorial content should have a clear link to the village and its inhabitants. (If national or city wide news is included it is up to the editor to identify and make clear to readers the specific relevance of the story to Shirehampton).

Shire: Regarding Letters to the Editor

Many of our readers write to the paper expressing their opinions, raising awareness of local issues or asking questions of other readers.

We are committed to providing this forum for the exchange of views. However, ALL letters received MUST carry the name and address of the author if they are to be published, though the letter may remain anonymous when printed if requested.

Please note: Shire newspaper reserves the right to decide whether a letter is appropriate for publication.

Shire Community Grants

Shire Newspaper is once again inviting applications from local organizations for a 2019 grant.

If you wish to apply;

  • please advise us of the name of your group and how you serve the community.
  • If you require a specific sum for a particular project, please let us know the amount.

We regret we cannot issue grants to individuals.

The deadline for applications is 29th March 2019.

You can either leave your application in the Shire folder in the Library or email it to chairperson@shire.org.uk

The committee will consider all requests at their meeting in early April.

Darren Jones MP

During the last month Darren has continued to spend much of his time on BREXIT, getting a deal which protects the livelihoods, citizen and worker’s rights of Shirehampton and the rest of Bristol North West. He has also spent time looking at Transport problems in the whole constituency.

awaiting photo
Darren Jones

Getting stuck in traffic jams. Buses that are late or never turn up. Cycle paths that run out of path. Lack of access to trains. Dangerous travel to work routes. Having to pay for taxis when nothing else works. Excess cars parking near Residential Parking Zones. Air pollution and climate change concerns. These are the transport concerns raised with Darren in public meetings, surveys and online during 2018. He has now pulled that together into his North Bristol Transport Plan.

The North Bristol Transport Plan calls for:

  1. Three new Transport Hubs: bringing rail, bus, cycle hire, cycle lock‐up, car parking and electric vehicle charging points together on one site. These Transport Hubs should be at the Portway Park & Ride in Shirehampton, at Henbury (next to the Rugby Club) and North of Lockleaze.
  2. New Non‐Stop Bus & Cycle Lanes: these new Transport Hubs should have non‐stop bus and cycle lanes into and out of Bristol City Centre and Cribbs Causeway, with a review of travel to work routes in Avonmouth. He objects to the council’s proposals for the carving up of Westbury Village and turning restrictions on the A4108.
  3. Restricted access to the Bristol YTL Arena / New Housing: residential single roads in Henbury, Brentry, Southmead and Lockleaze should not be used as access routes to the proposed Bristol YTL Arena. He expects to see significant transport upgrades using major routes to move people into and out of developments across the North Bristol Arc.

Do you agree a transport hub could be located at the Portway Park and Ride? You can read the full North Bristol Transport Plan and take part in the Transport Survey by visiting ‐ www.darren‐jones.co.uk/transport‐plan/

City and Port of Bristol Bowling Club.


The second of three indoor games planned for the Winter Months was against Begbrook Green on Saturday January 19th at the City and County Indoor Arena. Playing on six rinks it was a closely contested and very enjoyable game. When the final wood had come to rest and the scores counted Begbrook Green came out on top by 71 shots to 62.

The final indoor game will be against Canford on Saturday March 2nd.

2019, Calendar

  • Start of Season Meeting ‐ Thursday March 14th, 7.30 for 8.00

    The Start of Season Meeting will be on Thursday March 14th -- 7.30 for 8.00 in the ballroom at the City and Port of Bristol Social and Sports Club.

  • green opening day ‐ Friday 12th April

    The day that all bowlers look forward to ---- green opening day ---- will be on Friday 12th April.

  • First friendly game of the season

    Two days later the first friendly game of the season will see Bristol Arrow visiting the green and there will be forty eight more friendly games to follow that, through to September 28th when the seasons final game will be away at Ardagh.

  • Summer Tour

    Add to that the Summer Tour ‐ this year based in Sidmouth, Ladies and Gents Bristol and District League, Club Competitions and Monday Evening League --- and there is plenty of bowling to look forward to in 2019.

The club will be represented in the City and County Men’s Pairs and the Ladies have once again entered the Top Club and Inter Club Competitions.

Social evening

Twenty Four Bowlers, family and friends enjoyed an evening of fun and games on February 3rd ‐ the latest Sunday evening Social event organised by Lis Davies.

Eating the chocolate

awaiting photo
Eating the chocolate

Throwing a six to earn the chance to eat a large bar of chocolate, with a knife and fork and dressed in an apron --- all great fun, and having thrown the six there was no guarantee that you would actually eat any of the chocolate. The dice was constantly being thrown as it moved around the circle of players and when two or three sixes were thrown in a row the apron changed hands very quickly!

Bring me

awaiting photo
Am I first

The second game ---- Bring Me --- was played in teams of four with each team having a runner to take the required item to Lis in the middle of the circle. Items varied from colours to coins, items of clothing to --- more or less anything including a safety pin. The first team to answer the call each time gained a point and after many calls to Bring Me the winning team was --- Gordon Dimond, Jan Skelton, Gill and David Hinksman.

Next Sunday Social Event

The next Sunday Social Event will be a Gordon Dimond Quiz on March 10th ‐ always one to look forward to.

Our Condolences

Joyce Harvey who bowled for the club for many years passed away.

Joyce ceased bowling outdoors several years ago but continued bowling indoors and short mat for a number of years after that.

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